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Purple Comforter

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**All links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I get commissions for purchases made through those links on this page at no additional cost to you.

My Favorite Purple Comforter Sets and Bedding Sets for a Purple Bedroom!

purple comforter

Purple Striped Comforter Set

Hello purple color lovers!
How are you today?

It’s time for the most beautiful purple comforter sets on the market!
Are you ready?

Purple is one of the hottest colors nowadays!

I guess it all started with Justin Bieber? No one knows…

*This beautiful 7-piece king size purple striped comforter set in the picture above looks very fancy!
It looks like it belongs in a fancy hotel room, but it is very affordable!

Purple comforters are among the most popular and most chosen comforter sets for teenage girls and adults alike!
It seems everyone wants to have at least one purple comforter set in their bedroom!
The great thing about them is that there are various shades and designs and thousands of options!

If you love the color purple, (not the movie, the real color…. even though the movie was great too!), you are going to love all the purple comforters found here!

I think purple comforters are awesome, gorgeous, classy and great for any age!

When you buy a new comforter set for your bedroom it feels like you have a new bed!
This beautiful floral purple comforter will make a wonderful gift for any teenage girl!

On this very ‘purple’ page you are going to find the cutest purple comforters being sold online!

Teenage girls also love them!
They make great gift ideas for their bedroom!

Enjoy my selections and go make your bedroom purple!

Beautiful 8-piece Purple Floral Comforter Set

purple Floral Comforter Set

Cute Purple Floral Comforter Set

Gorgeous Floral Comforter Set, Purple/White, Queen

Needless to say this beautiful purple floral comforter set will make any bedroom look absolutely amazing!

I love the fact that it includes the cute decorative pillows as well, so we can make our beds look just like the one in the picture! I also love this vibrant shade of purple.

Cute solid purple plush comforter set

Soft Plush Sherpa Purple Comforter Set

Soft Plush Sherpa Purple Comforter Set

If you are looking for a cute solid purple comforter, I believe you are really going to like this one!
It’s a gorgeous and very affordable solid purple plush comforter set for your bedroom!
Very comfy and cozy too!

If you want purple, you got it! 🙂

This cute purple comforter will make your bedroom very inviting…
It is made of soft plush sherpa.

Gorgeous 7-piece Queen Size Purple Black Silver Comforter Set

Beautiful Purple Bedding!

Beautiful Purple Bedding

Beautiful Purple Bedding

Beautiful and very elegant 7 piece queen size purple, black and silver comforter set!
You will also get the purple shams and the 3 decorative purple pillows! 🙂

If you know any purple lovers in your family, this gorgeous comforter set will make an excellent gift!
The price is not so bad either…

Beautiful King Size 11 Piece Floral Purple Bedding Set

purple comforter set king size

King Size 11 Piece Floral Purple Comforter Set

100% Wrinkle Resistant 11Pc – Purple Bedding Set- King

What a gorgeous 11-piece king-sized purple floral bedding set!

Simple and classy and also very soft and comfortable! (We are talking 11 pieces here!)

It is perfect for teenage girls or any woman who likes the color purple!

It will give your bedroom an air of elegance and class…

(I love it when matched with white and lavender colors, just like in the picture…)
Very stylish!

You will also get the matching purple pillow shams, cute pillows and bedskirt!

Fun Animal Print PURPLE Comforter Set!

Animal Print PURPLE Comforter Set

Cute Animal Print Purple Comforter Set

Purple Black Safari 5-PC Comforter Set

Is it a purple zebra or is it a purple leopard print?
It’s both! What a fun combination!
It’s a gorgeous animal print purple comforter set!

This is one of the coolest and most unique fun purple comforters in my opinion! 🙂

The combination of black and purple is very stylish and will improve the appearance of your bedroom in minutes!
It is a ‘Safari’ purple patchwork micro-suede soft and comfortable comforter set!

I love how strong the color is!
It looks very luxurious and yet it is very affordable!
Another one of my favorites!
Great for a teen girl’s bedroom!

*It also comes with two cute accent pillows!

Cool Purple Zebra Comforter Set

purple zebra print comforter set

Zebra Purple Bed in a Bag Set, Full

Fun Zebra Print Purple Bed in a Bag Set, Full

Have you ever seen such a cool purple zebra comforter set before?

Look how ‘fancy’ and very cool it makes this bedroom look!

It is the perfect purple comforter set for a teenage girl’s bedroom!
They love it!

It is available in all bed sizes, The one in the picture above is a full size.

If I were to choose only ONE purple comforter from this page today, it would probably be this one! 🙂

Cool Dark Grainy Purple ‘I BELIEVE IN MAGIC!’ Duvet Cover

Dark Purple Design Duvet Cover

I BELIEVE IN MAGIC Dark Purple Grainy Design Duvet Cover

I BELIEVE IN MAGIC Dark Purple Grainy Design Duvet Cover

Can it get any more purple than this?
What a
This fun dark purple grainy design duvet cover is truly magical!
It will give your bedroom a cool ‘Gothic-style’ look!
It says ‘I BELIEVE IN MAGIC!’ on the front.

*Don’t forget to get the matching dark purple ‘magical’ pillowcases too! 🙂

Cute Purple Leaves Comforter Set

purple leaves design comforter set

Purple Floral Comforter Set

7 Pieces Sasha Floral Comforter Size Set, Queen, Purple/White

What a lovely and very bright purple leaves comforter set!
What a charming design!

Perfect to instantly brighten up any bedroom!
Very cheerful!

Will put a smile on your face when you set it up!
Very affordable price too!
It also includes the cute cushions, pillowcases, and the bed skirt! 🙂

*Bottom line:

Purple is a very calming and at the same time uplifting color that looks great in the bedroom! It also symbolizes magic, mystery, and spirituality… As you saw in some of the pictures, it goes extremely well with black, white and silver. I hope you enjoyed these selections and have a wonderful ‘purple stuff’ filled day! 🙂

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