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Galaxy Bedding Sets

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Amazing Galaxy Bedding Sets, Quilts, Duvet Covers and Comforters!

galaxy bedding sets

Twin 3D Outer Space Blue Bedding Set

How would you like to sleep on your very own ‘galaxy’ every night?

I came across these 3D galaxy bedding sets and outer space bedding almost by accident, as I was doing my regular research on cool bedding sets…
I literally gasped when I saw them!
They are truly ‘out of this world’! 🙂

Some are so realistic that you almost feel like you will ‘fall’ into space when you lie down in bed!

The one above is a gorgeous twin-size blue galaxy bedding set for teens!

They are perfect to create a very cool ‘space-themed’ bedroom!
Just buy those ‘glow in the dark’ galaxy stickers for your ceiling or even better, get some beautiful fiber optic ceiling stars and maybe some nice galaxy posters and you will have the coolest bedroom in the neighborhood! 🙂

Are you ready for launch? 🙂
Let’s travel to another galaxy!!

Beautiful Colorful Space Galaxy Duvet Cover Set

cool galaxy bedding sets

King Size Colorful Space Galaxy Bedding Set

Watercolor Style Starry Space Galaxy Nebula Abstract Bedding Set

‘Let’s fly away… let’s fly away….’ to another faraway galaxy…
All you have to do is close your eyes and imagine! 🙂

This is one of my favorite galaxy bedding sets for sale!
It is a gorgeous and mysterious pink and blue galaxy full of blinking stars!
(They are not exactly ‘blinking’ per se, but I am using my imagination!)

Well, anyhow, if you truly want to sleep in ‘outer space’, this is your best bet!
Have fun!

Stunning Purple Galaxy Bedding Set!

Best Outer Space Bedding for Sale

purple galaxy print bedding set

3D Beautiful Night Galaxy Watercolor Bedding Set

5-Piece 3D Beautiful Night Galaxy Watercolor Print Duvet Cover Set

If you are looking for the best and most realistic outer space bedding for sale online, it doesn’t get any more ‘outer space’ than this! 🙂

Another stunning galaxy print duvet cover set for sale!

It comes complete with the outer space flat sheet, comforter and the matching pillow covers too!
The color combination is absolutely breathtaking!
They are not only gorgeous but also very soft…

Realistic 3d Print Blue Galaxy Comforter Set

blue universe bedding

3D Space Outer Sky Microfiber Bedding Set, Blue Universe

Another stunning, amazing and very realistic 3D print galaxy comforter set for sale!
It feels like you are traveling in outer space from a spaceship and enjoying the view!

Purple Galaxy Comforter Set

Outer Space Bedding Set with 2 Matching Pillow Covers

Purple Galaxy 3D Print Comforter Set

Purple Galaxy 3D Print Comforter Set

Purple Galaxy 3D Print Outer Space Comforter Set With 2 Matching Pillow Covers (QUEEN)

What a gorgeous purple galaxy comforter set!

Look at all the beautiful stars!
Seen from outer space!
In your bedroom!
How amazing is that?
I am speechless! 🙂

PINK Galaxy Print Comforter Set

PINK Galaxy Print Comforter Set

PINK Galaxy Print Comforter Set

PINK 3D Galaxy Comforter Set

How can we choose among these incredible galaxy bedding sets for sale?
I wish I could sleep ‘in a different galaxy’ every night! 🙂

This one is beautiful!! (It’s a PINK galaxy!)
The colors are out of this world!

The stars look extremely realistic and you can almost see them really blinking!

Flying Through Outer Space Black and Blue Galaxy Comforter Set

Black and Blue Galaxy Comforter Set

Black and Blue Galaxy Comforter Set

Black and Blue Galaxy Comforter Set

Another stunning and very realistic 3D galaxy comforter set!
Just by looking at it you feel like you are ‘flying’ through space!
(Minus the space suit! 🙂

Stunning Galaxy Bedding Set!

beautiful Galaxy print bedding set

Outer Space Bedding Set

Who wants to travel through the Milky Way and see the aurora borealis from space but actually from your bedroom? 🙂
With this stunning outer space bedding set you can!
Every night!
Isn’t it amazing?

Fun Constellation Outer Space Bedding Set!

blue galaxy duvet cover set

Constellation Duvet Cover Set

I am running out of words to describe these unbelievable 3D galaxy duvet cover sets for sale!
Each one is more magnificent than the next one!

This one is so magically amazing! It is a dark blue constellation outer space bedding set!
It will immediately transport you to another galaxy! 🙂
(As soon as you finish setting it up on your bed!)

Cool Galaxy Print Comforter Set for Teens!

Galaxy Print Comforter Set for Teens

Galaxy Print Comforter Set for Teens

Galaxy Comforter 3D Print Outer Space Comforter Set With 2 Matching Pillow Covers

This is one of the coolest planet and stars outer space bedding sets for teens!
Will make their bedroom look out of this world! 🙂
They love this stuff!

Like I said before, just add some cool glow in the dark planet stickers on the ceiling or buy some cool fiber optic star ceiling lights for a more realistic effect!
Enjoy your new galaxy!

Rainbow Galaxy Duvet Cover Set!

colorful galaxy bedding set

Gorgeous Rainbow Galaxy Bedding Colorful Space Duvet Cover Set

No need to rub your eyes… it is a RAINBOW galaxy bedding set for your magical out of space bedroom!

One more galaxy for you to travel to tonight!
Careful with the meteors!
Don’t let them touch your imaginary spaceship…
Other than that, enjoy the view!
It is truly spectacular! 🙂

Cute Universe Design Bedding Set for Boys

outer space planets design bedding set

Universe Design Bedding Set for Boys

Have you ever watched the whole Universe from your bedroom before?
Now you can!
This is a cute Universe print bedding set for boys! 🙂

Amazing Astronaut Floating in Outer Space Bedding Set!

Astronaut Floating in Outer Space Bedding Set

Unique Astronaut Floating in Outer Space Bedding Set

Do you absolutely love to watch the stars shining bright in the sky at night?
How about from outer space? Now you can! Just put your astronaut suit on and float away with this amazing astronaut in outer space bedding set!
It is unbelievable!
And the best thing of all is that you will be able to do this every night, right in your own bed!

Mysterious Galaxy Bedding Set

Mysterious Galaxy Bedding Set

Mysterious Galaxy Bedding Set

Beautiful Dark Galaxy Bedding Set

And last, but not least, a very mysterious dark galaxy bedding set for sale!
Check out the beautiful lights!

*I hope you enjoyed traveling through space with me today! 🙂
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  • allison priest

    I am looking for a quilt or comforter for full size bed not a duvet cover. Do you have any? Outerspace theme. Thanks Allison

    • Cute Bedding Sets Lover

      Hi Allison! Thanks for the suggestion! I just added 5 galaxy print comforter sets, not duvet covers. They are: comforters number 5, 6, 7, 10 and 12! I hope you enjoy them! Have a great day! 🙂

    • Cute Bedding Sets Lover

      I have only been able to find queen size comforters though… will keep looking!

  • Kimberly

    Hey, I just ordered a set off Wish and am extremely upset. I promised my son whatever bedsp he wanted once he was able to stop having accidents at night. What I got was a top sheet and what they call a duvet but it’s just two sheets sewn together. What I’m looking for is A COMFORTER. Is what you’re offering indeed a comforter or sheets in disguise? I wish I could add a photo because he was specific on what he wanted. If you indeed sell COMFORTERS, I’m extremely interested and will show my son your options.
    Ty kindly.

    • Cute Bedding Sets Lover

      Hi Kimberly, sorry for the confusion. Out of all the bedding sets in this page, numbers 5, 6, 7, 10 and 12 are all comforters. The others are bedding sets, which means they are duvet covers. To use them you must insert any old comforter you might have inside. I don’t make any of these, I only recommend them based on their designs. This page is all about galaxies and outer space designs. I hope you find what you are looking for. Thank you for visiting!

  • Oralia Zapata

    Stunning Galaxy duvet cover set

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