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Fairy Bedding

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My Favorite Cute Fairy Bedding for Girls

pretty fairy bedding set

Beautiful Fairy 3 Piece Bedding Set

Cute Fairy 3 Piece Bedding Set Queen Size

Are you looking for the cutest fairy bedding for your little girl’s bedroom?
I LOVE fairies!
What better way to transform your little girl’s bedroom into a magical realm?

Young girls love fairies too!
They are fascinated by these mythical, legendary creatures and will absolutely love having a cute fairy comforter set!

*Yes, this is a gorgeous green fairy bedding set!
Isn’t it adorable?

I found some of the most adorable fairy comforters, blankets, sheets, and the cutest tooth fairy pillows!

Enjoy your visit, and happy fairy shopping!

*Oh, and by the way…
Don’t forget to sprinkle some fairy dust too!

Stunning Purple Fairy Bedding Set for Teen Girls

Purple Fairy Bedding Set for Teen Girls

Beautiful Purple Fairy Bedding Set

Purple Fairy Queensize Bed Artwork by Anne Stokes

Look at that gorgeous purple fairy resting among the most beautiful purple lotus flowers with her best dragonfly friends!
Very colorful and detailed!
Your teen girl will have the most magical fairy dreams every night!
*Includes the 2 pillowcases.

Unique Purple Tinkerbell Fairy Duvet Cover Set

purple tinkerbell duvet cover

Tinkerbell in Watercolor Bedding Duvet Cover Set

Purple Tinkerbell in Watercolor Bedding Duvet Cover Set

W cannot talk about cute fairy bedding without including a gorgeous Tinkerbell bedding set in the mix!
After all, she is the most famous fairy around!
Every little girl dreams of being Tinkerbell!
(Or meeting her in person!)
Now your little girl will have her very own Tinkerbell bedding set to fly away in beautiful dreams every night!
It is perfect for any fairy lover!
Besides the cute purple Tinkerbell in watercolor duvet cover, you will also get one cute Tinkerbell pillowcases.

Cute Pink Fairy Queen Size Bedding Set

Cutest Fairy Bedding for Girls!

cute fairy bedding sets

Pink Fairy Girl with Wings in a Floral Dress

Ambesonne Fantasy Duvet Cover Set, Fairy Girl with Wings in a Floral Dress

I am in ‘pink fairy heaven’ right now!
What a gorgeous pink fairy!
She loves the color PINK! Look at that gorgeous floral ‘fairy’ dress!
She is also a happy fairy that can’t wait to take your little girl to the most wonderful dream places at night…
This is a queen size duvet cover set that comes with two pillow shams.
Sweet pink dreams!

Beautiful Moon Night Fairy Holding Lantern Duvet Cover Set

night fairy bedding set

Moon Night Fairy Holding Lantern

Little Pixie with Lantern Sitting at Moon Stone Fairytale Myth Artwork

What a beautiful and truly magical night fairy holding lantern duvet cover for sale!
Perfect ‘fairy gift idea’ for a teenage girl fairy lover!
It is magically soft and warm!
Will make her bedroom look just like a magical fairy forest at night! 🙂

Stunning Mythical Fairy on Pedestal 

Magical Fairy Bedding

magical fairy bedding

Mythical Fairy on Pedestal

3 Dimensional Mythical Fairy Design with Artifact on Pedestal Forest

What a stunning magical winged fairy on a pedestal in a gorgeous forest…
She seems to be thinking about something…
I love the gorgeous colors!
Truly magical!
One of my favorites!

*Available in king, queen, and twin sizes.

Heavy and Thick Soft Colorful Mushroom Fairy Mink Blanket Queen Size

gorgeous fairy blanket

Heavy Thick Soft Colorful Mushroom Fairy Mink Blanket Queen

Heavy Thick Soft Colorful Mushroom Stunning Fairy Mink Blanket Queen

Wow again!!
This is the most beautiful fairy blanket I have ever seen!
So colorful!
How gorgeous are her fairy wings?
It’s very soft, thick and heavy!
The price is great too!
I want one for myself!

Stunning Tinkerbell Duvet Cover Sets!

beautiful tinkerbell bedding set

Tinker Bell Duvet Cover Set Girl with Wings

Tinker Bell Duvet Cover Set Girl with Wings Fairy Princess Bedding

If you are looking for the cutest Tinkerbell bedding sets for your little girl, I think you are going to love this adorable blue Tinkerbell showing her beautiful fair wings for sale!
It’s not only magically gorgeous but also extremely unique!
Beautiful color combination!

Available in 5 bedding sizes, including king-sized and California king!

Very Cute Fairy Princess Garden Twin Bedding Quilt Set

Fairy Princess Garden Twin Bedding Set

Adorable Fairy Princess Garden Twin Bedding Set

Fairy Princess Garden Twin Bedding Set by Pem America

What a lovely pink and purple fairy quilt!
With cute dancing fairies, pink hearts and flowers and crowns!
It’s made from 100% cotton!
It also comes with one cute fairy pillow sham!
Soft, comfortable and adorable!

Cute Pink Dust Fairy Bedding Set

Pink Dust Fairy Duvet Cover Set

Cute Pink Dust Fairy Bedding Set

Queen Size Pink Dust Fairy Silhouette Stars Dancing Print Bedding Set

This is one of the most beautiful pink fairy bedding sets I’ve seen!

Just perfect for your little fairy-loving girl!
(It also comes with the two matching pillowcases)

Cute Sugar Plum Fairies Purple Bedding Set

cute fairies quilt set

Sugar Plum Fairies Purple Bedding Quilt Set

Adorable Sugar Plum Fairies Purple Bedding Quilt Set

This is one of the most adorable purple fairy quilt sets! 🙂
It’s a beautiful sugar plum fairies bedding set!
It comes with the fairies print quilt and two matching pillow shams!
Very cute!

Cute Reborn Fairy Doll!

Reborn Fairy Doll

Stunning Reborn Fairy Doll

Paradise Galleries Reborn Fairy Doll – 19 inch

Now it’s time to add the most beautiful fairy doll ever on the bed!
How gorgeous is this reborn fairy doll for sale?
She is so adorable!
I love her shiny blue dress and beautiful green fairy wings!
She loves to dance in the air!
What a fun fairy gift idea for any fairy lover!
Sweet fairy dreams! 🙂

Tinkerbell Plush Doll

Tinker Bell Plush Doll

Cute Tinker Bell Plush Doll

Disney Animators’ Collection Tinker Bell Plush Doll – Small – 13 Inch

This is the best fairy plush doll ever!!
It’s a Tinkerbell plush doll!
Can you imagine your little girl’s face when you give her her very own Tinkerbell?
She will never let go!
She is ultra-soft and perfect for cuddling with anywhere and everywhere!
I want one to put on my couch!

*I truly hope you enjoyed these cute fairy bedding sets from here! I think you are also going to LOVE these:

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  • Jill Falk

    We have recently moved and just upgraded my daughter to a queen bed. Do you have any of the Tinkerbell designs in a Queen?

    • Cute Bedding Sets Lover

      Hi Jill, thanks for visiting! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any Tinkerbell bedding sets in queen size… But I will keep on looking! 🙂

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