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Butterfly Comforters

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My Favorite Butterfly Comforters and Butterfly Bedding Sets for Sale!

Butterfly comforters are the most adorable, cute and girly comforters ever!
They can make a little girl’s bedroom look like a fairyland! 🙂
(Or a beautiful meadow!)
I LOVE everything butterfly themed and I can’t wait to show you my top favorite butterfly bedding sets!

butterfly comforters

3D Purple Butterfly Comforter Queen

Cute Purple Butterfly Comforter Queen

My favorite ones are the most colorful and ‘happy’ ones!
I also love the ones full of beautiful flowers!
They make awesome ‘butterfly gifts’ for girls too and parents love them!

(To add to your cute butterfly bedroom decor you can also get a cute butterfly light, for example, and some cute butterfly stickers on the wall.)

On this ‘butterfly’ page you will find cute butterfly comforters of all colors!

Stunning Purple Butterflies Comforter Set

adorable purple butterflies print comforter set

3D Purple Butterfly Comforter

3 Piece 3D Purple Butterfly Print Comforter Set Queen Size

This is one of the most adorable and fun butterfly bedding sets!

Can you count all the gorgeous butterflies on it? 🙂

It looks like they will start flying off the comforter at any minute!

You will get the lovely purple butterflies print comforter and the cute butterfly pillow shams!

Colorful Butterflies Bedding Set

fun butterflies bedding sets

3 Pieces Duvet Cover Set 100% Cotton King Size Butterfly

100% Cotton King Size Butterfly Bedding Set

How lovely and absolutely amazing is this fun butterfly print duvet cover set?

Can you imagine how cute your teen girl’s bedroom is going to look after you add this?
Just by looking at it you feel like you are in a beautiful meadow already! 🙂
Full of happy and colorful butterflies flying your way!
How wonderful is it?

You will get the cute butterfly duvet cover, and the two gorgeous butterfly shams.
It is also made of 100% cotton!
That spells softness! 🙂

Beautiful Creative 3d Butterflies Bedding Set!

Just Magical!

gorgeous butterfly print bedding set

3D Print Colorful Butterflies Bedding

3D Print Colorful Butterflies Bed Comforter Set

Another cute and very unique butterflies duvet cover set!
It looks like a magical ‘butterfly’ forest!
(I can definitely imagine myself right there now, among the gorgeous colorful butterflies! 🙂

It also includes the cute butterfly pillowcases.
It will make a great gift idea to a teenage girl or girly woman!

Adorable Blue Butterfly Print Queen Size Duvet Cover

cute butterflies design bedding set

Blue Butterflies Print 3D Duvet Cover Set

Queen Size Bedding Set Butterfly Print Blue Color

This is one of the most beautiful butterfly print duvet covers I have ever seen! It is a blue color large butterfly print duvet cover set! Stunning! Will put a smile on your face every time you step into your bedroom! 🙂

Cute and Girly Monarch Butterfly Duvet Cover Set!

Monarch Butterfly Duvet Cover Set

Monarch Butterfly Duvet Cover Set

This cute monarch butterfly duvet cover set is one of my favorites!
It is absolutely adorable!!
I love how large the butterfly print is!
Just perfect!
Very pretty and feminine!
Great gift idea for girlfriends or daughters! 🙂

*Make sure you choose the correct size for your bed.

Cute Light Green Butterfly Print King Size Duvet Cover

Light Green Butterfly Print King Duvet Cover

Cute Light Green Butterfly Print King Duvet Cover

Cute Light Green Butterfly Print King Duvet Cover
by HappyGabby

When you combine the color light green with a cute butterfly, you have a winning combination!

What a cute butterfly in nature print king size duvet cover set!
Perfect to make your bedroom look like it’s set up in the meadow! (How pretty is that butterfly? Wow!)

Gorgeous Butterfly Bedding!

unique butterfly bedding

Irregular Black Stripes Beige White Duvet Cover with Butterflies

Chic and Dreamy Queen Girls Bedding Sets Butterfly

Are you in butterfly bedding heaven yet?
How gorgeous, fun and very unique is this striped butterfly duvet cover set for sale?
It is perfect for a teen girl’s bedroom or a girly lady! 🙂

Extremely soft and comfy too!
You will get the two beautiful butterfly pillowcases as well.

Dancing Butterflies Light Pink and Blue Bedding Set

king size butterflies bedding set

Lovely Butterflies Colorful Print 3D King Bedding Set

Various Butterflies Colorful Print 3D King Bedding Sets for Girls

How about sleeping among happy dancing butterflies? 🙂

I love the girly light pink, yellow and blue butterflies!
So pretty!
The colorful butterflies seem to be flying and dancing all over the bedding set!
They will take you to your most wonderful dreams!

*Fun Facts about Butterflies!

Butterfly Design Twin Duvet Cover

Stunning Butterfly Design Twin Duvet Cover

Stunning Butterfly Design Twin Duvet Cover
by HappyGabby

I learned a few interesting and curious facts about butterflies today that I would like to share with you! 🙂

-Did you know that butterflies can only fly if the weather is nice and warm?
Yes, they LOVE the sun, of course!

-Butterfly taste their favorite food (yes, nectar from flowers!) with their FEET!

-Unfortunately butterflies only live for a couple of weeks…
(But some species can live much longer than that! 🙂

-Butterflies have SIX legs!
(Thank God they don’t need shoes! 🙂

*I hope you had fun here today among all those cute and colorful butterfly bedding sets for sale!

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