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Blue Comforters

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My Favorite Heavenly Blue Comforters for a Peaceful Bedroom!

Blue is such a peaceful and soothing relaxing color to have in the bedroom!
That’s why I also love blue bedding sets!
They will make your bedroom a very peaceful place to be!

blue comforters

Beautiful Blue Comforter

Beautiful Blue Comforter Set

Blue comforters are among the most chosen colors for comforters…
Blue goes well with almost any other color and usually has a calming effect….
A beautiful sky blue comforter set will evoke feelings of peace and tranquility….
It is proven that the color blue helps us to feel calmer..
It is a very soothing color!
Parents usually prefer blue comforter sets for their sons’ bedrooms and even for their own…

Blue is the color of the sky and the color of the sea…

Ancient civilizations also used the color blue to represent Heaven…

No matter what shade of blue you choose, you will be able to achieve a very soothing atmosphere!

That’s why I love it in the bedroom!

I gathered here my favorite blue comforters and blue bedding sets being sold online!
I hope you’ll enjoy them too!

This is a stunning blue comforter set you see on this picture!
It is so peaceful…

Gorgeous Royal Blue Comforter Set!

royal blue comforter set

Royal Blue Comforter Set

Pinzon Bed in a Bag, Full/Queen, Royal Blue Calvin Stripe

This is a gorgeous royal blue striped comforter set!
It is perfect for either a teen girl or teen boy’s bedroom!
Great to create an ‘ocean theme’ atmosphere!

Cool Blue and White Tree Branches Comforter Set!

City Scene Branches Blue Comforter Set

City Scene Branches Blue Comforter Set

City Scene, Branches Collection, French Blue Comforter Set, Full/Queen

This is one of my favorite light blue comforter sets!
I love the white tree branches design all over it!
It’s so cute and fun!
Perfect blue comforter for a teenage girl’s bedroom!
Very girly!

Cozy Blue Comforter Set

blue comforter set reversible

Cozy Blue Reversible Comforter Set

Cozy Blue Comforter Set

I don’t know about you, but I feel cozy already just by looking at this cute and simple blue comforter!
It looks very beautiful and stands out in a white bedroom, just like you see in the picture!
What is also great about it is that it is reversible to a light blue color!
It’s almost like getting two comforters for the price of one!

Fancy Indigo Blue Mini Comforter Set

indigo blue Mini Comforter Set

Fancy Indigo Blue Mini Comforter Set

Artology Sashiko Mini Comforter Set, Queen, Indigo Blue

This is a high-quality and very fancy 100% cotton indigo blue comforter set for sale!
You can choose it in queen or king size.
It has a beautiful pattern!
Will make your bedroom look very elegant!

Stunning Turquoise and White Floral Design 7-Piece Comforter Set!

Gorgeous Turquoise and White Floral 7-Piece Comforter Set

Gorgeous Turquoise and White Floral 7-Piece Comforter Set

Chic Home Iris 7-Piece Comforter Set with Four Shams and Decorative Pillow, Queen Size, Turquoise, Bedskirt

When I saw this gorgeous turquoise and white floral comforter set I let out a scream!
It’s stunning!
Look how it brightens up the bedroom!
It also includes the beautiful bed skirt and the cute deco pillow too! 🙂
Very elegant but also very girly at the same time!

Stunning King Size Turquoise Duvet Set!

The Most Beautiful Blue Bedding Sets for Sale!

turquoise bedding set

Stunning Turquoise Duvet Set King Size

Gorgeous Duvet Set, King, Turquoise

Hello turquoise!
I am speechless!
Have you ever seen anything more vibrant and radiant than this stunning turquoise duvet cover set?
It has a gorgeous Jacquard weaved pattern and it’s made from cotton!
I am literally in Heaven now!

Light Blue Luxurious Silk Bedding Set!

light blue silk bedding set

Light Blue Seamless Charmeuse Mulberry Silk Duvet Cover Set

100% Seamless Charmeuse Mulberry Silk Duvet Cover Set, Comforter Cover Set,Qulit Cover Set (Cal.King, Light Blue)

Welcome to a heavenly luxurious bedroom!
This is one of the most beautiful silk light blue luxury bedding sets for sale!
Just imagine the softness of the silk on your skin…
It’s magnificent!
It also includes the silk blue pillow cases!
Something you would find in a king’s bedroom!
(Available in 4 different sizes and 12 colors.)

Cute Spring Flowers Blue Comforter Set

Cute Blue Floral Comforter Set

Cute Blue Floral Comforter Set

Cute Blue Floral Comforter Set

What a lovely and also very elegant blue floral comforter set!
I love this ‘colonial’ style!
The color combination and the beautiful flowers design is stunning!
Perfect ‘girly comforter’ for a very special girly lady in your family! 🙂
Will put a smile on her face every day!
You can get it in twin, full, queen or king sizes!

Country Cottage Style Blue Floral Comforter Set

Blue Toile Quilt Set

Cute Blue Toile Quilt Set

C & F Enterprises Brighton Blue Toile Quilt Set

Another gorgeous blue floral comforter set for sale!
It has a very delicate and lovely floral design!
Very girly!
Will make a wonderful gift idea for a new lady homeowner!

California Surf 4-Piece Blue Ocean Theme Twin Duvet Cover Set

 California Surf 4-Piece Twin Duvet Cover Set

Stunning California Surf 4-Piece Twin Duvet Cover Set

Dolce Mela Ocean Blue California Surf 4-Piece Twin Duvet Cover Set

And now I present to you the most gorgeous blue ocean theme bedding set ever created!
It is a stunning California surf duvet cover set!
It is so amazing that it feels like we are in the ocean too!
Can you hear the waves and the birds?
I can!

*For more beautiful blue and turquoise comforter sets, go here:

Beautiful Turquoise Blue Comforter Sets

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